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Most search engines crawl the web and give you information based on websites available around the world. Search2day Classifieds sends out foot soldiers and collects data physically of businesses who have or who do not have a website.

Search2day Classifieds was started to fill a void. Everyone is not on the web. Most businesses do not have a website. A need was felt to put these on the web, without them having to create a website of their own.

What We Do ?

We help companies  by promoting their business services or products through our classified portal

We reach out your services and products to the specific  category  people by listing your business in our  Classified portal

Most search engines give you a plethora of information from which relevant intelligence has to be culled. However, Search2day Classifieds gives you concise, precise and exact data which can be used directly.

  Contact Us

MANGALORE - 575003

Tel : 08244263315
Mail : info@search2day.com
Business Hours : 9:30 - 6:30


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